Best Practices Following Back-to-Back Car Accidents in Atlanta

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If you are being treated for an accident and you are involved in another wreck, many attorneys will give you some misleading advice. They’ll instruct you to go to a different doctor than the one who treated you for the first accident, and they’ll instruct you not to tell that new doctor about the first accident.

But the experienced car accident attorneys at Cohen and Sinowski, P.C., in Atlanta disagree.

Our one and only comment is that this decision will hurt your cases for both accidents. The best advice: Be up front with your doctors. The insurance companies have computers that will pick up on any discrepancies in your story, and that can hurt both claims.

Doctors Treating You Should Know About Any and All Accidents

You should tell your first doctor about the second accident as soon as possible, so they can immediately do orthopedic testing in order to determine:

1. The extent to which your injuries from the first accident have been affected by the second.

2. What new injuries you may have sustained.

Then, you should speak with your attorney to coordinate coverage for your medical payments if you have insurance. Be aware that your doctor can percentage charge your medical coverage for both accidents until, according to their professional medical open, they believe you would have recovered from the first accident and thereafter, charge 100% to the second accident.

Your doctor will be charging for your new injuries from the second accident 100% to the second accident. Doing it this way will increase your medical coverage.

The Law Regarding First and Second Accidents

There is a law that states that your first accident ends with your second accident, and the second accident takes on the first accident’s injuries from the new accident date. However, we believe that your first accident – if handled as reflected above – might be brought to a normal conclusion with the first insurance company.

Just remember that your first accident will very likely be negatively affected by the second, and most importantly:


How to Handle Second, Third and Fourth Accidents

If your subsequent accidents cause injuries similar to the ones you sustained from your first accident, then you should definitely go back to your original doctor. The simple reason is because that doctor can easily produce all your old records. Your first doctor should also be able to state that:

• They released you because you were well.
• These are new injuries insofar as you have been well for an extended period of time.
• Because you have similar injuries to the first accident, these injuries are worse because you can never fully recover.

There’s an old adage that is fitting when applied to the human body: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Certain types of injuries stretch the limits of your body, and it can never completely go back to the way it was before an accident or wreck. Therefore, subjecting you to a new injury in the same place on your body exacerbates the original injury.

The doctor should note that you are a former patient who has recovered from an accident that occurred on a previous date, and following an extended period of no complaints, you are now returning for treatment for this new accident.

This approach is an honest approach, and the adjuster or insurance defense attorney never gets the chance to raise suspicious questions and try to make you look bad while thinking that you are trying to hide something.

Don’t Switch Lawyers Between Accidents

It is assumed that you are returning to your original attorney, and you should. The lawyer who handles your first accident will know everything about it, and thus is seen as more knowledgeable and honest going into the second accident case.

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